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Whether creating a bar for your home for you’re a commercial establishment, barstools are part of the character of the room. Dinette Online has barstools that match the décor of many eating and drinking spaces, with barstool styles ranging from traditional to contemporary for inside in your kitchen or for an outdoor counter on your patio. In addition, aside from having a metal or wood frame, many of our barstools are upholstered with leather or fabric in different colors and patterns.

Depending upon the height of your counter, a barstool can be 24 inches to 34 inches tall. 24 to 26 inch barstools are often called counter stools and occasionally have a high chair frame to them, as opposed to one of a standard barstool. Although 24 inches might be appropriate for eating at a kitchen counter or a high top table, a standard 30 inch barstool is best for an actual bar, and taller barstools, including a 34 inch spectator height, can be beneficial when watching sports on the television at a bar. In addition, if you know you’ll be needing stools of various heights for your bar, our store carries metal barstools with an adjustable stand and foot rest.

Whether for indoor or outdoor dining, a barstool can be either wood or metal. Metal is the frame for both contemporary and traditional barstools. Although a traditional barstool has a metal stand with a swivel base and upholstered seat, contemporary barstools, although they too have a swivel base, often are not upholstered and have a small metal back. Wood barstools, which are generally stationary barstool models, can have a back, as well, but usually appear more like high chairs for counter seating. In addition, many of our upholstered wood barstools have both an upholstered seat and upholstered chair back.

Upholstered barstools can have a seat made from fabric or leather in solid colors like black or white and, in some cases, the stand of the barstool can be black or white, such as painted wood or wrought iron stand. But, not all upholstered barstool seats are a solid color and Dinette Online has many options for different patterns, colors, and textures for your fabric or leather upholstered barstool.

From contemporary to traditional and retro design barstools, Dinette Online has a large selection of barstools for many eating and drinking areas ranging from your kitchen, to an outdoor bar on a patio, to a commercial pub. Like with any dining furniture, the barstools can mirror and blend in with the décor and will be part of the character of your home casual dining area or of your restaurant.

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