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To store but keep your ornate china on display, a china cabinet can be an addition to your dining room. Some china cabinets come as a single unit with a top shelf attached to drawers below, while others are a buffet and hutch combination, with the top shelves removable from the drawer base. Dinette Online has both combinations and, if you’re looking for a polished addition to your dining room, a china cabinet can brighten up the space and display your china dishware.

Although china cabinets are both decorative and functional, the cabinet set should blend in with the rest of the room. The selection of china cabinets at Dinette Online includes finished oak wood china cabinets, as well as lightened wood cabinets, and some china cabinets made with a combination of wood and a wrought iron frame. The lightened wood, which gives the china cabinet a white appearance, is similar to a parchment wood finish to make the cabinet look antique. If your dining area has white or light-colored walls, a white china cabinet would blend in with the space well. Aside from an antique looking china cabinet, standard wood finish china cabinets are common dining area furniture to hold fine dishware. The wood finished china cabinets sold through Dinette Online include lighter oak finish cabinets and darker java finish cabinets, the latter of which gives the china cabinet a darker, mahogany-like look.

A standard china cabinet or buffet and hutch combination has doors in front of the shelves and drawers and doors below but, for a modern looking china cabinet, an étagère or bakers rack offers the same time of support and functionality but with a less traditional appearance and a small enough size to fit in a kitchen as additional storage space. The etageres carried through Dinette Online have wooden shelves and a counter and the rest of the frame is iron. For a bakers rack specifically, the cabinet has a drawer and shelves to fit all of the tools and pans needed for baking. The frame in an étagère or bakers rack can be ornate with iron trim, and the shelves aren’t always straight wood. Some shelves can have a semi-circle curve to them.

When placing a china cabinet in your dining area or kitchen, the shelf can fit anyway – against a wall near the counter or in a corner to name a few options. Both decorative and functional, a china cabinet can hold dining and cooking items too delicate to go in the kitchen cabinets, from fine china to cake baking pans.

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