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A table set, whether a small dinette set with a table and four chairs or a large dining room table set for formal dining, is a necessity in an eating space. A dining area can be a kitchen for casual dining, a dining room for formal dining, or a restaurant, and each space has its separate décor and character. The dining furniture is part of the décor of the room and, not only should the table set blend in, but it should also stand out. Although the character of a dining room can be determined by the walls, furnishings, dishes, and, occasionally, a china cabinet, the table set is the centerpiece. Whether you are looking for a new table set or simply want to change the character of your dining area, Dinette Online has a variety of dining table sets, dinette table sets, andhigh dining table sets.

For formal dining, many of our dining table sets consist of a large table and matching chairs. Similarly, a dinette set, while having the same type of chairs, will have a smaller table, as it is used for everyday, casual dining and typically fits in a kitchen. The table, whether large or small, is a square, rectangular, oval, drop leaf, scalloped edge, or round shape. Round table sets, which are most popular for restaurants but are used in homes, as well, have table top diameters of 36, 48, and 54 inches. The materials used for the set, including the table and the matching chairs, include wood, stainless steel or chrome metal, glass, stone, or a wood and metal combination.

Another type of table set used in both restaurants and in homes is a high dining table set. The most common type of high table is a pub table, although any type of dinette set with a higher than average table can be considered a high dining table set. Heights for a high dining table set include bar, counter, and extra tall heights. Like a standard table, a high dining table can be made with wood, which is popular for most pub table sets, a wood and metal combination, or glass, which is often used for a bistro table set.

Both standard and high dining table sets come in various styles. Some, such as a table set with a glass table top, have a contemporary design, with a metal base instead of wood to look more modern. Others, like a standard wooden pub table or a wood table set, are considered to have a traditional design, although sometimes all wood can give a rustic look or country style to a table set. Those with a metal, either stainless steel or chrome, and wood combination tend to have a retro or vintage style. Retro table sets sold through Dinette Online are modeled after ‘50s and ‘60s dining furniture designs, so that the dining table set still looks new and vintage without appearing dated.

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