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A bar stool is a multi-purpose seat that can be used for kitchen, counter, and casual seating in a restaurant or in multiple places in a house. Because counters and tables are of different heights, bar stools are of different heights, as well. The selection of bar stools at Dinette Online includes counter stools, which are 24 to 26 inches tall; standard bar stool, which are 30 inches tall; and extra tall models, which are 32 and 34 inches tall, with the latter having a spectator height. Some models, particularly those with a metal base, have adjustable heights.

But a bar stool isn’t just about the height and, as a result, Dinette Online carries bar stools in all of the same styles as our dinette and dining room furniture sets. Bar stools can either be stationary orswivel, and our store carries both types of bar stools are standard and tall heights. But, in terms of styles, our store carries bar stools in modern, contemporary, retro, and traditional designs. The difference between all styles, aside from the ability to blend in with the décor of your house, kitchen, or restaurant, is the materials of the bar stool. A traditional bar stool is made out of metal and has an upholstered seat and, although contemporary and modern designs also use a metal base, the seat isn’t always upholstered and, unlike a traditional design, is not backless. Some contemporary designs, in addition to being made of stainless steel, have a small metal back, although not as high as a chair, and a swivel seat.

Wood bar stools, or counter seats, are slightly different than their metal base counterparts. Although both have the same function and versatility to blend in with many types of decors, wooden bar stools are more like chairs with longer legs. In addition, many wood bar stools also have a higher back like a chair. However, to seem more like a high chair than an actual bar stool, many wooden bar stools have wooden arm rests and upholstered seats and backs. For a high top table, as opposed to a bar, this type of bar stool would be a better option for sitting down longer to have a meal.

Whether the bar stool will be in a kitchen, an outdoor patio eating area, or in an actual bar, the upholstered seat can be made of many materials and fabrics with different patterns and textures. For a very standard design, the bar stools can be upholstered to have a solid color, such as white or black, in fabric or leather. In some cases, the stand of the stool can be a different color, as well, with metal looking like wrought iron legs or the wood painted black or white. But, aside from being a solid color leather or fabric, the seat can be made with textured or patterned fabric. Or, other options include no upholstered seat and, instead, a hard, solid-color seat can be an option.

Aside from both traditional and contemporary bar stool designs, Dinette Online carries retro bar stools for a modern take on a vintage look. With a black seat and chrome base with a foot rest, a retro bar stool model will still look bright and fresh without seeming dated. Retro bar stools on Dinette Online are based on designs from the ‘50s and ‘60s, so, without looking like an antique, an at-home or commercial bar can still have a classic look.

Our wide selection of bar stools are appropriate for commercial and at home purposes. If you’re designing a kitchen with eating space by the counter, an in-home bar, outdoor counter dining on a patio, or you want to freshen up your commercial bar or pub, the variety and selection of bar stools at Dinette Online has many options to enliven your eating and drinking space.

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