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Usually used for formal occasions, dining room furniture has lots of variation to blend in with the décor of your home or restaurant. Whether you are looking for a replacement dining table or chairs set or are remodeling your current dining area, dining furniture is often the center piece to your dining room. While the furniture should match and blend in with the décor, which includes the wall and any other embellishments to the space, a china cabinet, and dishes, the table and chairs should stand out. Because each home has a different type of style, so do dining rooms, and dining furniture should be in the same vein. Dinette Online has dining furniture made from materials varying from wood to glass and furniture styles ranging from traditional wood to contemporary designs made from metal and glass.

Dining furniture sets have a table and matching chairs for four or more people. The style and materials are coordinated and, to tie the entire set together, the chairs and table have the same trim. Because a dining set is furniture used for formal dining, the table in the set is longer or wider than that of a typical dinette set table. A standard size set comes with four chairs, although up to eight chairs are possible. For dining furniture sets with up to eight chairs, the accompanying table in the set is a square or rectangular shape.

The table in a dining furniture set can come in any number of shapes, from standard square and rectangular sizes to round, drop leaf, and scalloped edge. Some tables, such as the drop leaf, can change from having rounded edges to being square. Unlike chairs, dining tables can be made out of many types of material and, as the primary part of the furniture set, can make the set have a modern, traditional, or retro style simply by the materials used. For a table, such materials used can be oak or cherry finished wood, glass, a metal and wood combination, and laminate wood.

Although dining chairs in a furniture set are limited to the materials used – chairs cannot be made of glass but they can be made from combinations of wood and metal – the chairs always match the table. If you need a replacement chair, the variety of styles and materials in our inventory will have at least one piece of furniture to suit your needs. As these types of dining chairs are considered formal furniture, the chairs have sophisticated designs made from metal, wood, or both, and some are even upholstered, such as our suede parsons model.

As a coordinated furniture set for your dining room, a dining set from Dinette Online can come in many styles. The most standard is a traditional or country design made from wood finished with oak or cherry, but, if you’re looking for dining room furniture with a less traditional style, Dinette Online has other options, as well. Another popular design for dining furniture is glass and metal models, which have a contemporary look. Contemporary dining furniture often consists of a glass table top supported by metal table legs or a metal base and matching metal chairs, which are often upholstered; the metal in these types of dining furniture sets can have the appearance of unfinished wrought iron to polished chrome or brushed stainless steel. The third type of option for dining furniture is a retro design, which combines wood and chrome or stainless steel metal. Based on dining furniture designs of the ‘50s and ‘60s, our retro dining room furniture is wood with a metal edge and base support.

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