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Changing the character of your dining space starts with the dining set. Although a set of table and chairs for a dining room is only part of the décor, switching the dining set’s materials from wood to metal can make a significant change in the mood of the room; the change can be from a more traditional or country décor to one that is clearly contemporary, for example. The selection of dining sets at Dinette Online includes many options for your dining room, with many materials and styles to modify and improve your current dining room set or to change the character of the room completely.

A dining room set can be for formal or casual dining, although typically a dining set for casual dining is referred to as a dinette. Our store has a wide variety of dining sets for both formal and casual dining. Generally, casual dining sets have a smaller table top, but our store has tables in many shapes and sizes. Pick from dining sets with round, rectangular, drop leaf, and square tops. The materials for the table top and the rest of the set vary, as well. A traditional dining room set may be made of wood and a contemporary set may have a design of metal and glass, but other possibilities for dining sets include wood and metal together, glass and metal, and rattan.

The material of dining sets can determine how and where the table and chairs can be used. If a dining set is made out of rattan, the set can be used as an outdoor dining set on a patio but can still be used in the colder months indoors. However, if a set is made from wood or metal, or if the table or chairs in the set are wood, keeping it inside as a formal dining set may be more appropriate.

All dining room sets sold through Dinette Online have a matching table and chairs. The chairs, which can number from four to eight for a dining set, can match the table with the material or trim. With the entire dining room set coordinated, it can act as the centerpiece for your dining area. For a style change for your dining area, our dining room sets come in such styles as contemporary, modern, traditional, country, and ‘50s and ‘60s retro. A style can vary with the materials used for the set – wood for traditional dining sets and steel or metal for contemporary and modern designs – or it can vary with the type of trim coordinating a set. For example, a contemporary dining set with stainless steel metal-backed chairs and a glass table top has a different character than a traditional dining set with upholstered iron chairs with ornate trim, although both sets are made primarily out of metal.

Whether you are choosing a dining set for formal dining in a dining room or for casual and outdoor dining, Dinette Online has a myriad of dining room sets in many styles and materials for all types of dining.

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